Pill Packaging


Improving Your Quality Of Life

We are proud to offer Medicine-On-Time to our patients! Medicine-On-Time is a medication management system that eliminates the time consuming hassle of keeping track of multiple medications. With our simple, color-coded calendar cards, medications are packaged into the proper dosages and clearly labeled for easy, consistent compliance. The many benefits of Medicine-On-Time improve the quality of life for patients and the ones they love.

How It Works


The Dose Cup

Each dose cup in your calendar card has been expertly prepared by your pharmacist. Your personal dose cup contains the exact medications you need to take and is clearly labeled with the contents and the precise time to take them. Dose cups are detachable and offer secure and convenient medication packaging.

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The Calendar

In this easy, reliable system, your monthly medications are packaged by time of day into color-coded calendar cards. You can remove a single dose cup, or take several with you for added convenience on the go.

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The Service

Instead of making multiple trips to the pharmacy every time you run low on a medication, let Kirksville Pharmacy synchronize and expertly prepare your medications prior to you running out! We can simplify your medication regimen, eliminate multiple pharmacy trips, and expertly package your medications.

For More Information, Visit The Medicine-On-Time Website